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Fall Clean Up

Fall Clean Up

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  • When Do We Start?

We start fall leaf cleanup in October; however, the majority of our work is done in November and December. The best thing to do for your yard is to have three clean-ups. Two clean-ups done in November and one done in December if needed. The first cleanup is November 1st through the 15th and the second round of cleanups is the 20th through the 30th and a third clean-up is December 10th through the15th.


  • How We Will Clean Your Yard?

We will start in your backyard removing all the leaves, sticks, and gumballs. Then we will clean the front yard. All of your leaves will end up the street. Then, we have a vacuum truck that will drive over the leaves and suck them up and haul them off.


  • How Much Does It Cost?

The costs are as follows. A small fall leaf cleanup for $200, medium sized fall leaf cleanups are $225, and large fall clean-ups are $275. Super large fall leaf clean-ups are $295 and up

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