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Tree Trimming and Tree Removal

Tree Trimming and Tree Removal

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We trim and remove trees. We also do stump grinding. More importantly, we clean up our mess very well because we know that you or someone will have to continue to mow the area where the tree once was. When we remove a bigger tree that requires heavy equipment (for example, a bobcat or manlift boom) we do not leave ruts in the yard. If we are using in a manlift boom with outriggers, we will put big wooden platforms under the Outriggers so that they do not put ruts in your yard. If the tree is in your backyard and we must use a bobcat to lift the heavy logs we will lay 4X8 Sheets of plywood all the way from the street to the tree in order to prevent putting ruts in your yard. See if anyone else does that. We have done several yard repairs for customers who have had other tree companies come remove a tree and leave huge unsightly ruts in the yard.

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